ZT Generic Serial Communications Simulator


We are proud to announce the coming release of the ZT Generic Serial Communications Simulator. The ZT Serial Communications Simulator is based on Microsoft .NET technology and is a best choice for simulating and testing applications that use serial communcations (RS232c and alike).


1. Simulating and testing any comm-based application



Ease of use through user-friendly setup dialogs


Easy to develop, debug and test multi-channel applications


No need for special hardware


A convenient software interface to add application-level protocols


2. ZT Serial Communications Simulator consists of a DLL and a set of .NET classes that have the


following features:



Set of .NET based message classes, to handle any application-level protocol


Set of user interface classes to enable setup and viewing of the simulator operation

Uses XML file structure for manipulating external data

3. Hardware Requirements

PentiumIII (r) PC or faster

At least 256M RAM

Serial Comm ports as needed by the tested application (USB ports can be used as well)

10MB dedicated disk space

Communications cables and connectors

4. Software Environment

The ZT Generic Serial Communications Simulator supports Microsoft WindowsXP operating system

To run the simulator, .NET run-time environment is needed

To add more protocols or user dialogs, a .NET development environemt is needed




The ZT Generic Serial Communications Simulator is currently offered as a beta version


Release is scheduled for Q4 2005