ZT-SNMP standard extensible agent




ZT SNMP Agent - General Information


Many systems and equipment require remote management.
ZT SNMP Agent provides remote management capabilities to systems, equipment and units that are network accessible. For example:


  • Data communication equipment.



  • Telecommunication systems



  • Other, non-networking systems that need remote management. For example, generators, UPS systems, Tele-surveillance systems, etc.




Another possibility is to use ZT SNMP Agent as SNMP simulator to test NMS applications.
Being run on Linux, ZT SNMP Agent is based on a royalty-free operating system,
and it can be run on very tiny hardware boards, to achieve desired design goals in embedded systems.


SNMP Agent - Technical Information


  • Supports all MIB II variables, including read-write variables (sets), which can be supported without altering the kernel or device driver source code.



  • Fully supports SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3, including security and administration authentication, authorization, access control, and privacy.



  • Can be extended to support private MIB modules.



  • Fully support for Dynamic load modules.




Those modules may be for enterprise specific.


  • Includes Zman Tikshuv’s standard snmp software download module.



  • Additional snmp modules for processes monitoring, script exec and may more.




  • Minimal footprint requirements.




  • Runs on




          Operating systems :


  • Embedded Linux LEM.



  • Red Hat 6/7.x.



  • Windows 95/98/NT.


  • * In future the agent will be ported to other operating systems such as other Embedded/real-time Linux verses and VxWork/pSOS.

    Hardware :


  • PC compatible.



  • Compulab tiny boards 486/586-cores (x86).


  • * In future the agent will be ported to other hardware platforms based on Strong ARM and MPC850.