ZT SNMP Library


The ZT SNMP Library is based on Microsoft MFC and is a best choice for developing object oriented VC++/MFC NMS applications.


1. Object oriented approach for the use of SNMP



Programming safety


Easy to develop, debug and maintain a software code


Flexibility and an abstraction over the low level protocol infrastructure


A convenient high-level interface to program SNMP applications


2. ZT SNMP development library consists of a DLL and a set of API that have the


following features:



Set of C++ based SNMP classes


Automatic memory management


Blocked and non-blocked requests

Trap mechanism

Can be compiled to work with several SNMP engines (currently supports WinSNMP and BRASS).


Uses tabular file structure for reading MIB objects when application is run (MIB object parsing)


3. MIB database class

The library includes internal MIB database, which serves the application instead of being developed by the developer

Can use names instead of ID

Support backup and restore of MIB data objects

Modification of MIB object attributes does not force software re-compilation

The internal SNMP parameter database can manipulate data in a way that’s very convenient for programmers and can interact with external sources

Support MIB object validation

Timeout and retries manipulation

4. Request Mechanism

The DLL automatically handles a whole mechanism for sending and receiving SNMP transactions/requests

Maintains a separate thread for receiving requests

Maintains an internal queue/pending list of send requests against which a received message is being matched

Improves performance

Saves a lot of infrastructure work from being done by the developer

5. Log File

The library provides a mechanism for writing information for each session and other information in a special log file



ZT SNMP DLL makes NMS programming task simpler and shorter




In addition to ZT SNMP Library, more ZT software components can be used to ease and shorten the development cycle of NMS projects. For example:


Generic SNMP table manipulation


Hierarchical SW structure for building complex projects


Software download module


Manager entity module





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